The Graceville Skin Cancer Clinic Difference

Currently any Doctor in Australia can call themselves a ‘Skin Doctor’ without having any additional training or expertise in this area. Our point of difference is that you are seeing a Qualified (FRACGP) GP who not only as more than 15 years Skin Cancer experience but who has additional formal Qualifications in Skin Cancer Medicine and who is an accredited Skin Cancer Doctor with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia.

Sadly a good portion of our work comes from trying to help patients who have had poor experiences from GPs who proceed with cutting out ‘Skin Cancers’ on the ‘assumption’ this appears cancerous (also there is nothing governing this practice). This means patients often have to have a life long scar on their face or other parts of their body from having a lesion cut that simply did not need to be removed. Medicare allows this practice and GPs are paid a premium by Medicare for this service (compared to a standard GP consult). The sad fact is that this practice is perfectly legal as GPs are allowed to ‘remove a suspected skin cancer’ and we have had hundreds of patients who have come to us devastated by the appearance of ugly scars on their face and body and once we receive their transfer of Medical Records discover that in most cases these skin lesions were never cancerous and/or could have been managed by a far more conservative approach. At the Graceville Skin Cancer Clinic we will never excise anything out without confirmed Histology Reports proving it is cancer or pre-cancerous (and yes we are happy to show you a copy as proof).

We work on a policy of if we find a suspicious lesion we biopsy it (with your permission), once we get the results and if the results show anything of clinical concern we will bring you back in to discuss options to remove. This process can take a few weeks from start to finish BUT we make sure that we are not causing you to undergo a painful and stressful skin cancer surgery which leaves scarring without having a very valid reason to do so


MBChB B.Sc DipACSCM FRACGP DipSkinCancer CertCosmeticMed

Dr Wayne Norval has been Practicing Medicine for more than 26 years. Dr Norval is a Vocationally Registered (Specialist) General Practitioner and he has his Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Dr Norval is the Practice Principle of Family First Medical Centre and The Graceville Skin Cancer Clinic. Dr Wayne Norval obtained his Diploma in Skin Cancer Surgery in 2013 through the Skin Cancer College of Australia and also holds his Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine and Advanced Certificate in Dermoscopy obtained through the same recognised body. In total Dr Norval has more than 15 years experience working as a Skin Cancer Doctor.

Dr Norval is continuing his Skin Cancer Training by working towards his Fellowship in Skin Cancer Medicine. Dr Norval is passionate about Skin Cancer Medicine and is fully proficient at completing Comprehensive Skin Cancer Skin Checks with the aid of a state of the art Technology including the MoleMax HD Machine, Biopsies, Skin Cancer Excisions including minor and major skin Grafts and Skin flaps. With additional specialised experience in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine Dr Norval also continues in his 12th year to be an accredited Supervisor for GP Registrars in training and has since 2018 been approved by AHPRA to be a Primary Supervisor to provide level 1 – 4 supervision for International Medical Graduates.

Currently due to Dr Norval only working as a Skin Cancer Doctor his GP Books are closed.

In his spare time Dr Norval loves spending time with his wife and their 3 Daughters and 4 Dogs. He is passionate about gardening, boating as well as scuba diving and travel when the opportunity presents. He also enjoys trying out the amazing food and drinks offered in the areas local cafes and restaurants.


BA (Journ)


Carrie Norval has worked in Medical Administration for the last 15 years and as a Practice Manager for 12 years. Carrie together with Wayne opened Family First Medical Centre in 2012 and has worked tirelessly to offer the Wide Bay area a superior service in medical care.

Carrie is passionate about creating a legacy in terms of offering a service that makes patients feel comfortable and having staff that become like family. Her goal is to ensure that patients leave with a smile and to help with any queries or concerns patients may feel after their visit. In her spare time Carrie loves spending time with her Husband, 3 daughters and 4 dogs. She is passionate about food and loves nothing more than trying local treats from the many local coffee shops and restaurants with Wayne and their girls. When time allows Carrie also enjoys working as a freelance journalist for the Medical Republic.



Vicky is Registered Nurse with over 22 years of Nursing Experience and has worked previously at the Wesley Hospital in a few different nursing specialties. Vicky’s experience as a Registered Nurse working closely in affiliated nursing fields leaves Vicky as the perfect person to help assist you with your Skin Cancer queries and any follow up appointments you will need to have (such as removal of your sutures).

Vicky is a Mum of three and Grandma of two and has a beautiful fur baby at home a ragdoll cat called Poppy. In her spare time Vicky loves spending time with her family and loves to read and tackle crossword puzzles.

Vicky is looking forward to welcoming you to the Graceville Skin Cancer Clinic and will always go above and beyond to assist you with any questions, concerns or queries you may have relating to your skin cancer treatment.

paige norval


Paige is a year 11 St Aidans student who has worked in both the Hervey Bay and Graceville Clinics since 2020 after school, during school holidays and every Saturday. Paige enjoys reception work and assisting in Theatre. Paige loves working in the Clinic as her goal is to follow in her dads footsteps and to be a Doctor. Paige is a hard worker and loves interacting with our patients and soaking up as much information as she can while at the Clinic. In her spare time Paige enjoys spending time with her sisters, going to the movies and enjoys studying. Her favorite subjects are Advanced Math’s and Physics.